Harvesting the Garden Patch

DSC05815We had a late start to gardening this year as we wanted to make raised garden beds.

By the time by hubby and I agreed on the design, purchased all of the material we needed, and set out a day we were both off from work it was June and we still didn’t have the soil inside the beds!

We released very quickly that we might have to put off planting veggies this year…until our neighbour stopped by and offered to dump horse manure over the fence. Normally, people would get angry if someone was dumping animal poop into their yard, but we were ecstatic as it DSC05809meant we didn’t have to spend money on soil!

Two loads of manure over the fence and 4 weekends of shoveling it into our garden bed meant our garden box was finlly ready for some plants!

My sister and I started a few plants early (tomatoes, kohlrabi, watermelon, herbs, zucchini, and squash) but by July half of seedlings were dying from being inside too long and the other half were too large for their pots and needed to be put into the ground as soon as possible.

Even though, my garden bed could have used a load of top soil to break down some of the minerals and nutrients of the manure, I planted the seedlings straight into the manured soil with a bit of peat moss mixed in.

My neighbour warned me that I probably wouldn’t get many veggies this year due to this, but I just didn’t have time to get soil. She was right I didn’t get as much from the plants, but none of them ended up dying…they all started to grow like crazy!

Within weeks my tomatoes were almost as tall as me, though not many tomatoes. The kohlrabi did amazingly. I harvested a DSC05818bucket last weekend and still have a bucket to harvest. No zucchini, squashes, or watermelon yet, I am still hopeful though it depends on how long this warm weather will last.

Once everything is harvested I plan on getting a load of topsoil, so the garden box is filled and ready for next year. We hope to build another box to grow strawberries, lettuce, and carrots. The hubby really wants to put a little greenhouse in as well. We will see how much time we will have this fall before the snow starts falling!

Overall, even with a late start, it turned out to be a fantastic growing season. Our very first garden patch and I must say our green thumbs are sprouting through! I did pick up a lot of tips from the North Peace Garden Tour (click to read the blog), local gardeners, and the local garden centres.  I hope to have an even better season next year.

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