Meteor Shower

Photo Source: @NASASolarSystem

Did you stay up last night to watch the Perseid meteor show? I did, it was amazing, but I am paying for it this morning at work. Two espresso shots later and I still feel like I want to curl up in bed for a few more hours.

The Peace Region is an excellent area in British Columbia to see this yearly meteor shower as we have wide, clear skies and hardly any light pollution, unlike larger cities or mountainous areas.

As I am outside the city I curled up in my blanket and sat outside on my patio gazing up into the sky until about 2-2:30am. It was spectacular! So many shooting stars…so many wishes. This year we saw an “outburst” which means there were double the number of shooting stars due to the gravitational influence of Jupiter and Saturn.

Don’t worry if you missed it. Mark your calendar for next year as this meteor shower happens during the beginning of August each year after we do a full rotation and pass through the debris field of Comet Swift-Tuffle.

For more information on this meteor shower or upcoming events have a look at the NASA Solar System website.

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