Gone Fishing!

DSC05518My husband and I like exploring and on Sunday we decided to take a drive up the Alaska Highway. He wanted to show me his current work site and I wanted to see what the area looked like.

It has been a year since we moved to the North Peace region and the furthest North I have gone on the Alaska Highway was a few kilometers past Charlie Lake. This was an adventure for me!

Along the way we saw some deer and a moose with her calf. We also saw the remnants of the DSC05510Beatton Airport Road fire, but as nature does, the greenery was already sprouting and covering the blacked ground.

We had a quick stop at the Shepard’s Inn to grab a cold drink, unfortunately their bakery and cafe wasn’t open on Sunday. I heard their cinnamon buns are amazing.

We did a quick drive through Wonowon and returned to the turn off to Inga Lake.

We heard Inga Lake is great for fishing. It is stocked annually with Rainbow trout by the Inga Lake Spawning Channel Project with the assistance of the North Peace Rod and Gun Club. The project has been ongoing since 1997.

The campsites were nice as well. So, we will DSC05519need to return during the summer to do some camping.

The only unfortunate thing is unless you have a boat there isn’t much of a beach or area where you can go to have a swim.

You can fish from the dock or we saw some families fishing from the far side of the lake, but you really need a boat to get onto the lake. I think a small boat is next on the list of things we will plan to purchase.

After walking around and checking out the area we decided to take the dirt roads back home. The dirt roads get you back onto Highway 29 between Hudson’s Hope and Fort St John. The scenery was beautiful and we didn’t encounter anyone else on the road.

I really enjoyed our mini Sunday adventure. The North Peace region has outdoor recreation opportunities at every corner for any interest. I wonder where our next mini adventure will take us!

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