Camping over snowy May long

My sister has a tradition of going camping over May long weekend. I am not sure where she picked this up or why she DSC05490started to do this as most know that May long can get a variety of weather conditions….including snow, but it has become her way of welcoming the summer and her first chance to flex the “camping muscle” or I should say the “camper muscle”.

I have done my share of camping and do enjoy it in small doses, but something about sleeping outside in May just doesn’t sit right with me. It is cold!

So, once again May long was approaching and her coaxing started, “Don’t worry its’ not that cold!”. Coming from someone who has a camper with a furnace. I wasn’t certain this was a tradition I wanted to join into, but Matt wanted to go so we made a compromise…one night!

IMG_6918Friday I woke to snow. It was snowing and it continued to snow for most of the day. There was no way I was going to go camping in this weather!

Saturday I woke to sun and Matt saying lets’ go! Hesitantly, I packed up warm clothing, food, and our small collection of camping goods and off we went.

It was a three hour drive to the site spot…to Hudson’s Hope, over the W.A.C .Bennett Dam (we stopped in the information centre to use the washroom – before we were faced with tree washrooms. While there, I learned they offer tours of the dam almost every hour! I have to come back soon for a tour), and along a maze of dirt roads marked with paper plate arrows tied to trees at intersections.

There was no reception here…no GPS nor calling a friend if lost. We made it to the site around noon.DSC05470

The site was beautiful. We (I mean about 15 of us) were the only people for kilometres, right on the river, and surrounded by forests. The day turned out to be really hot (which we didn’t cater for with all of our warm clothing) and I even got a slight tan…burn.

To ensure I would come back every year my sister and Matt set up a ceramic heater in our truck canopy, that was DSC05492connected to a generator, to make the truck warm for me at night. I must say it was very pleasant to climb into a warm sleeping bag. We ended up staying two nights and having a lot of fun.

The days turned out to be really warm and the snow that fell on Friday was a distant memory by the end of the weekend.

Maybe I will make May long camping my tradition as well…

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