Have you completed your Census?

IMG_6908As I live in a rural area my census was hand delievered to me on Sunday. I learned that only city residents have their census mailed to their homes. If you have a box number it will be hand delievered. I was really hoping I would receive the long census form… I love filling in forms (I am a little odd that way). Only 25% of Canadian households will receive the long form questionnaire…I wasn’t a winner.

On Sunday, I received the physical questionnaire, though I decided to do it online. It was quick and easy and took me about 5 minutes to complete. Why is it important to fill in the census, you may ask. Well, not only is the 2016_Census_logocensus mandatory, but you are helping the government and your community gather information it needs for planning services such as child care, schooling, family services, housing, skills training for employment, and development. The census only takes place every 5 years, so a bit of your time will help your community for the next 5 years. My job at the North Peace Economic Development Commission relays on this data for us to be able to update, educate, and promote our region to residents, visitors and tourists, investors, and employers. Currently, we are working with the 2011 data, but with a fresh data set we will be able to further assist our region in appropriate and sustainable future growth.

If you haven’t received your 16-digit secure access code (questionnaire) you should contact Statistics Canada on 1-855-699-2016 or visit their website here. The website has a FAQ section that may help you in filling in your form, as I know their call centres can get overloaded with phone calls and sometimes it is hard to get through.

So, have you completed your census?! You have till the end of May to do so. Help your community and country understand the demographic, social, and economic situation of people across Canada. Fill in your form! census

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