FSJ for LNG hosts Premier

IMG_6853It is Wednesday at noon, parts of the Peace Region are still evacuated or on evacuation alert, but that didn’t stop the crowd of supporters from getting to the People Powered LNG Rally in Fort St John. There were over 500 supporters from all over the region helping to raise awareness of the LNG industry (liquefied natural gas) and the need of job creation. People lined the streets for two city blocks and filled Centennial Park to hear a guest speaker. Premier Christy Clark talked about the importance of LNG to the region, the province, the nation, and the world. She said, “British Columbia was not built by people who say no!”IMG_6864

The group of local organizers did an amazing job in creating the movement, FSJ for LNG, they worked hard to get the message out, rallying the crowd, and garnering the attention of Premier Clark to make today’s special guest appearance.

This region is a great example of small communities working hard together to achieve great success, support, and awareness in challenging times. The Voices of Yes were heard today here in Fort St John, across the region, the province, and the nation. IMG_6839



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