Spark Women’s Leadership Conference

Through work I get to be involved with a wonderful opportunity, a conference within the North Peace region that provides professional development to the growing and talented female workforce, while removing the barrier of travel costs to large cities like Vancouver. Many times I have seen conferences, concerts, or interesting exhibitions advertised, but usually the cost of getting to them outweighs the benefits, so this is really exciting to me that I get to go to a conference that is local and beneficial to my professional development! I have been asked who the conference is targeting and the answer is, it is for all working females regardless if they are managing, or leading in small and large businesses, government, education, tourism and hospitality, the energy sector, or home based business within the region or across Canada. I was told last year there where attendees all the way from Quebec!

SpeakersThis is my  first year assisting with the third annual Spark Women’s Leadership Conference , and the first time I get to attend the conference and see what all the excitement is about! We have had several months of intensive preparation… receiving speaker submissions, securing sponsorships, and organizing the program and finalizing all the fine detail that goes along with a two-day event…it has been tiring, but rewarding. The women on the Spark Committee are a group of very talented and ambitious women and without them this amazing conference wouldn’t be possible. I am so happy to be part of the team.

So, this year Spark will help attendees StepBOLDY by providing quality education and takeaway tools that will assist in communication skills, business development, personal branding, and leadership. We have fantastic speaker lineup! Click here for a full speaker list. The problem for me is going to be deciding which speaker sessions I want to attend!!!They all sound so interesting and they all have different professional development tools to offer. The two speakers I am really looking forward to seeing are the two keynotes, Christopher Flett who is recognized internationally as a leader in business motivation and development, turn-around strategy, and Susannah Pierce who was voted one of the 50 Most Influential Women in BC in 2015 and is the External Relations Director of LNG Canada! Time to get back to organizing the promotional items…we have some fun things planned for this year!

I am registered and you should be too! StepBOLDY and get registered today at !


You can follow Spark on Facebook: Spark Women’s Leadership Conference or on Twitter: Spark Conference !

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