Visitors from the Southern Hemisphere

IMG_6683I have been extremely lucky this month, I had not just one, but two friends visit me here in the North Peace from Sydney, Australia. The first one flew up from Vancouver for the day. She was over the moon as it was snowing. After grabbing a couple warm drinks I took her to the Fish Creek Community Forest Trail, then we drove through the city, and out to Charlie Lake, we had some lunch at my place and back to the airport for her 5pm flight. A short visit, but well worth it.IMG_6659

A week later my second friend arrived for the weekend, she also had a short stop-over in Vancouver, so she thought instead of enduring rain and another large city, it would be fun to experience what Canada really has to offer, the great outdoors. In true style the North Peace displayed its’ blue sky and we went for a walk on Charlie Lake, stopped at a fishing shack (no fish were caught), and we took her for a snowmobile ride. The following day we IMG_6646drove down the Alaska Highway to Mile 0 in Dawson Creek (she really wanted to visit Dawson Creek as she is a huge Dawson’s Creek fan…she wanted to find Pacey…no Pacey was found, but we did found something else!) We introduced her to Geocaching (find out more about Geocaching here), and found a couple of treasures! We gave her a brief history of the Alaska Highway and the North Peace Regional Airport and made her promise to come back next summer to celebrate the 75th anniversary of building the highway (blog coming soon!). Unfortunately, when you are having fun time flies by and all of a sudden we found ourselves back at the North Peace Regional Airport saying our goodbyes. Did you know that the North Peace Regional AirportIMG_6677 gets over 250,000 passengers each year…with my friends, family, and all of the people they have been recruiting to visit the North Peace we may need a bigger airport though!

Since, visiting both have become new Northern embassadors. They have been telling all of their friends, family, and even strangers about their visit to the region and their adventures here with me. One of them even went so far as, during her bus tour up the Grouse Mountain, she managed to engage most of the tourists on the bus by telling them how they should all visit northern BC. She proceeded to tell them all about the fun winter activities she did and all the wildlife and sights she saw.

As a new resident of such a beautiful location I am proud to call the North Peace home and I can’t wait to show more of my friends and family around when they visit!

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