Fish Creek Community Forest Trail


IMG_6694Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to explore one of the many trails around the North Peace. We heard Fish Creek Community Forest Trail was a great escape into the wilderness without actually leaving the city limits and with almost a million visitors a year it is very popular with the locals. The wilderness trail was created by community groups in partnership with the city. Being a wilderness trail it is not maintained on a regular basis, so all users are advised to enter the area at their own risk, be aware of hazards like uneven, wet, and slippery land, fallen trees, roots, and vegetation (which may be toxic), and always ensure you carry enough water as the trail has no water stations and drinking from the creek is not advisable. IMG_6697

There are multiple trails, depending how much time you have, which wind around and along the creek. The Anatomy Trail is a 500m, green path that is wheelchair accessible (during the warm months), the Silviculture Trail is 830m and is marked in blue, and the Multi-Purpose Trail is the longest trail in the network at 4,283m and is marked in red, though most of the trails are interconnected so you can always return sooner if you get tired. Overall, the trails are very peaceful and beautiful, we did all three (took about 2.5 hours of slow walking and exploring).

If you are lucky you may even see some deer. My sister was very lucky and saw a moose with her calf while logging through late last autumn. IMG_6693

It is always a good idea to keep your distance if you do see wildlife, especially when they have their young with them. Moose might be cute, but they can be very aggressive animals. Always read the information boards. We also found taking a photo of the trail map the first time we went helped us, as the coloured markers along the trails aren’t very visible…especially in the winter. So get out and enjoy the outdoors!

Fish Creek Trail Map

Click here to open this map.


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