Be Local, Eat Local

Coming from a large city to a small community I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get the same variety of locally grown fresh produce that you can get in specialty grocery stores produceand public markets. Small communities sometimes miss out on the fresh locally grown produce especially if they only have a chain grocery store, no local markets, and no farmers nearby.

The North Peace is fortunate though, not only does it have an amazing local Fort St John Farmers’ Market every Saturday from May until December, but Farm Bound has opened its’ van honeydoors and they deliver organic, local food from across BC to the North every Friday afternoon. So, during the winter months when the Farmer’s Market is closed you can still get local produce from BC through Farm Bound!

The Fort St John Farmers’ Market is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization serving the North Peace. They are always looking for new local vendors that can make, bake or grow something for the market. Even though, you can’t meet the farmers in person like you can at the Fort St John Farmers’ Market, Farm Vegetable and fruits.Bound does a great job at listing their farmers and producers, so you can get an understanding of where your produce is coming from.

What excites me is that communities in the North Peace have as much, if not more, opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle as residents of large cities. We are located in the heart of some of the largest agricultural land. The hard part now is figuring out what to cook and bake with all of my new produce!




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