Winter Festival Weekend

DSC05037The High on Ice Winter Festival began on Friday with professional single block carving, free hot chocolate and the opening ceremonies. Despite the seasonally warm weather that continued throughout the long weekend all of the ice cravers did a fantastic job.

Before we moved to Canada, my husband and I would attend the Sculptures by the Sea in Sydney. Before this weekend, we had never seen ice sculptures and were blown away by the talented cravers and the creations they made for the “Out of this World” theme. DSC05079When we moved to Fort St John I thought I would miss Sculptures by the Sea, but the High on Ice Winter Festival has topped my list of amazing events to attend. There is a different atmosphere living in a Winter City. Winter City communities whole heartedly embrace and celebrate the cold, the snow, the ice, and everything that comes with it. The Winter Cities Institute did a short video on the Fort St John, High on Ice Winter Festival in 2008. You can watch the video here.

DSC05081The Community Carving and the Mayor’s Challenge took place on Saturday along with more professional ice craving. The District of Taylor won the Mayor’s Challenge once again.

We enjoyed our Soup Stock while walking around watching all of the teams put their finishing touches on their sculptures.

Unfortunately, as the weekend continued and the warm weather continued with it the closing ceremony Fire & Ice sculpture lost some if its’ ice and ended up half its’ original size. Even with some of the sculpture missing it was spectacular to watch as the fire burned inside the ice.

I can’t wait till next year!


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