Northern Lights over the North Peace

IMG_6303Growing up in the Cariboo (Central Interior of BC) I had my share of evenings where I stood outside watching the northern lights magically dance along the cold winter’s sky. It doesn’t matter how many times I have looked up into the night’s sky, it always feels like the first time. Living in Sydney I missed the peace and tranquility these lights bring with them, but I also learned that the southern hemisphere has the Aurora Australis which are southern lights. They can sometimes be seen from South Australia, New Zealand, and Chile! I never had the opportunity to see the southern lights in the 8 years that I lived in Australia, but I am glad I can once again see the northern lights. IMG_6304

Just before New Year’s Eve we were lucky and a solar flare erupted causing a coronal mass ejection that charged the aurora borealis. This produced a fantastic display of northern lights during New Year’s Eve. They were vivid and lasted most of the evening. It was my husband’s first time seeing such a display and his aunt who was over from Sydney for Christmas and was also amazed.

We didn’t have the famous Sydney fireworks light up our sky this year to farewell 2015 and welcome 2016, but we had one of nature’s true wonders do an even better job.

Welcome 2016!


Charlie Lake, BC

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