Christmas Tree Hunting

For the first time in over 9 years I have a real Christmas tree in my house. It isn’t that I didn’t want a real Christmas tree in all those years, but renting regulations in Australia, much like Canada, made it hard. Plus, unlike in most areas in British Columbia where you can go cut down your own tree for free in Sydney you have to purchase a tree and they are expensive! Finally, I get to enjoy the experience and smell of having a real Christmas tree again!

So, to begin we sharpened our saw and axe, mapped out where we were allowed go, and loaded the truck up with ropes, hot beverages, and family and friends. Though, before we left I heard on the news that we needed a permit to cut down a Christmas tree…this was new to me, so off I went to FrontCounter BC in Fort St John to ensure we had the paperwork and information. 5 minutes later I left with a free permit and off we went.

12342705_10154011243124505_2227766880592408320_nOnce, we got to our desired location we all got out and starting “hunting” for the perfect tree. This may sound like a easy task, but very quickly you get overwhelmed by the natural selection and start making up reasons why that one isn’t the “one”. Oh it’s too short, it doesn’t have enough branches, it’s not what I envisioned, it’s not the kind of tree I want, it’s too hard to get out, it’s too big, and the reasons go on and on until everyone gets too tired or too cold and all of a sudden you find the “one”.

We all found the “one” we wanted, had a hot dog over a fire to celebrate our victory of the hunt, and drive home to set up our prizes. Once we arrived home we had to do some last minute trim downs to fit the tree into the stand.  Once again I can enjoy the smell and feel of a real Christmas tree in our first home, which has brought back many wonderful childhood memories…until…the tree started thawing.12313925_10154011242704505_4219673347518922612_n

The water droplets were fine, but the sap droplets were a different story…

The next morning my cat, Bear, comes running up to me yelling and I look down and her backside looks all shiny and matted. I touch her and quickly realize she is extremely sticky! She decided to sleep under the Christmas tree on the tree skirt and during the night when the tree was thawing, sap started dripping…on her! I am assuming when she woke up she started to lick and realized whatever it was that was stick to her tasted really bad. So, she decided she needed to find me to yell and complain… and boy, does she complain well.

There was no easy solution…I had to cut the matted bits off. She now looks like she got into a fight with a hair trimmer. At the moment she is very upset with me and her new haircut and refuses to go anywhere near the tree, which in hindsight might be a good thing as I might escape from her trying to climb the tree and pulling it over with my decorations.

12299290_10156198491200411_144927178901505120_n[1]Overall, I am happy to report that the tree stopped leaking sap after a couple days, Bear is still staying away from it, and we are ready to decorate. Though, this minor ordeal made me realize that maybe a fake tree isn’t as bad as I thought and just maybe, next year we will be getting a fake tree instead…you can buy scent sticks to make the fake tree smell real!

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