Let it snow

contrastsEveryone keeps telling me how mild this winter is and how there was so much more snow this time last year. On one hand I feel sad that our first winter living in the North (and my husband’s first winter) and we aren’t getting the true Northern winter experience, but on the other hand I am happy that we get to slowly ease into the cold.

It has been a learning curve for both of us trying to acquire the correct winter gear (it can be quite expensive!) and learning how to drive in the snow. Since, we moved to the North in June we were hearing all about the cold and the snow and how to prepare. My husband got worried as we have quite a large driveway so he insisted we buy a lawn tractor with a snow blower attachment. I wasn’t convinced, but after weeks of him talking about tractors, blowers, costs, and how easy it would be I went into momentary insanity and agreed…maybe it was my brain trying to tune out yet another discussion on motors, power, and brands or maybe I fell asleep.. By the time I snapped out of it he was signing our life away and shaking hands with a large, jolly John Deere representative that was more then eager to hand us the keys to our new toy.

Here we are in Decemer with a machine that can blow snow several metres…if only we had snow on the driveway. For weeks my husband has been vigerously checking the weather network for snow days and for weeks he has been complaining that here isn’t enough snow to test out his new toy. Finally, we got a little sprinkle of snow…not enough to plow the driveway, but enough to lightly cover the lawn…slightly disappointed he said well maybe I can just drive around…

Well, drive around he did! I came home from work last week and stopped mid-driveway. He came running over like a little kid in a candy store yelling, “look what I did!”. Looking so proud of himself. With wide eyes and complete shock I didn’t know what to say…the only thing that came out of my mouth was a large burst of laughter. He froze and said, “well?” All I could get out was, “well if our neighbours didn’t think we were crazy before…they will now.” He laughed and with a smile on his face walked back to the garage to put his new toy away.

You must be wondering what he did. Let’s just say we now have the greenist lawn on the street!

My husband snow blowed our LAWN!



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