Educational & Fun LNG Tour of the Region

Core SamplesAs promised in my blog last week, I will continue this blog with the LNG Tour and the exciting locations we visited. Our first early morning stop was at the BC Oil & Gas Commission. We were shown the Fort St. John facilities and their storage area for core samples. This room was massive and had floor to ceiling shelving units stacked with marked boxes of core samples from the region. We were told there was a larger storage facility, that was full, in Charlie Lake! I can’t imagine how many boxes are neatly stacked there. They also had great laboratory facilities for students, staff, or visiting professionals to use to test and study the samples.

From the BC Oil and Gas Commission we bused down to Sunset Prairie Lodge where we had a tour of the work camp. I was so impressed with the work camp I wrote a whole separate blog on it last week. You can find it here. After we were full of snacks and warm drinks we were off to see a drill site.Drill Site

I have never seen an oil drill site in person, so I was blown away by the size. We had the opportunity to go up into the control room or the “dog house” as it Drillis referred to and watch the operator monitor the drill and pipes that were going into the ground. We all watched in amazement as the workers, within minutes, connected a new pipe to the drill and continued the operation. It was great to see the process first hand. Next, we drove to a couple different compressor stations, varying in size.

We walked around many pipes and machinery and through many buildings. We got so much detailed information on the process and how the machinery worked that by the end I think we could have jumped in and helped out with some of the jobs.Compressor Station

Finally, we visited an industrial water treatment facility. I was interested in this part of the tour as I didn’t know much about industrial water use and wanted to know where it came from and where it went. We received an educational session on how the water is sourced below the water table, which makes it not fit for human consumption, then used in the industry and then it gets cleaned and reused or recycled at the facility. All very interesting.

Water Treatment FacilityAfter this we loaded the bus and made our way back to Fort St. John to ensure our LNG Tour guests made it back home. Then, the fun job began…organizing all of our now, not-so-new, PPE to be cleaned, sorted and repacked into our 12 plastic bins and ready to go for the next tour!


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