Camp Life in Northern BC

As I mentioned in my post last week, I went on the Northeast BC LNG Tour, which went to a work camp, drilling site, a frac water treatment and recycling facility, and several compressor stations. The day was jammed with information and different instruments, pipes, and machinery to see. I have decided to tell you about the work camp in this post and next week I will give you an overview of the other sites I visited.

Camp RoomHistorically, work camps have had a bad reputation and many workers have tried to live as close as possibly to their employment to avoid living in camp. There is still a misconception of work camps and even my husband wasn’t thrilled to learn he had to Work Campstay in one, even though he had never been at camp. His thoughts were merely based on what he thought of camps and what he may have heard. Though, after this tour and armed with my photos and stories I changed his mind…now I fear that after he goes to camp he will never want to come home!

Most work camps today, are more like mini hotels, but in same cases even nicer then a lot of hotels I have seen. They are Menuequipped with a reception area where you check in and get your room key for your mini private room, which includes a tv, internet, washroom with a shower, table and bed.

This specific camp had a large gym with many different exercise machines and the Gymdoctor told us they even have health programs to help workers with weight management! (I laughed, but after finding out about the camp chefs and amazing meals available I could see how you can easily overeat and need the gym!) Down the hall was a games room with pool tables, foosball tables, hockey tables, TVs and many sofas, but the best part was the large theater room with a large flat screen and leather reclining theater chairs with little tables to put snacks and drinks on! One word…jealous! Walking down the hallway to the cafeteria I noticed there was nice art work on the walls and to my surprise you were able to purchase the art. This made me giggle as I could imagine a husband/wife coming home after several weeks in camp and giving their partner a wrapped up picture.

TheatreThe cafeteria was great. So many items to choose from and snack on. Even the dailyCafeteria meal plan was amazing! Pan-fried trout, braised pork cutlets, cabbage roll casserole, bean medley, glazed carrots, perogies and wild rice blend…I am getting hungry just think about it. I bet none of the workers eat this well when they are at home.  We were told that this camp is in the process of partnering with a culinary college in the area, so the chefs in training will be doing their work experience at the camp. These workers get training chefs to cook their meals…I really need to brush up on my cooking as when my husband comes home his meal expectations will be through the roof!Cafeteria

Overall, what I have heard about camp life must be from people who haven’t really experienced camp or were in camp many years ago. The ones that have experienced the new camp life are probably refusing to leave. I for one enjoyed touring the Sunset Prairie Lodge and am awaiting to receive my signup sheet!

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