Personal Protective Equipment! PPE Overload

Sorting PPE
Sorting all the PPE!

I think we have gone a little crazy over Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) here at the North Peace Economic Development Commission! We spent several hours clipping, sorting, marking and packing 50 pairs of steel toe boots, hard hats, protective eye wear, ear plugs, and coveralls.

PPE sorted! Now to find somewhere to store it all…

I can’t wait to see all of the delegates wear our new gear next week at the LNG Tour of the region. I have never been to a compressor site, or a work camp, nor a drilling rig so I am excited to learn more about this industry and I can’t wait to wear my flashy PPE! Saying this last year, for a different job, I had to get steel toe boots and the only one’s the store carried for women were pink! (Not hot pink, but unfortunately they are pink…I put up a fuss at the store as I wanted blue or green or any other colour besides pink, but no unfortunately women still get lumped with pink.) After my current workplace found out I have pink steel toe boots they can’t wait to see them…

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