Small Town Love – Love Taylor BC

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an informational workshop to learn more about Love Taylor BC and the Small Town Love movement that has been spreading across northern British Columbia for the past few years. In partnership with the Northern Development Initiative Trust, which is an independent, non-profit corporation; a catalyst stimulating economic growth through investments in grassroots, community-led projects, the Small Town Love movement has reached over 800 businesses in 27 communities and it is growing. Most recently, Love Hudson’s Hope was launched in July and they already have 19 independent businesses showcasing their products. My favoriute shop so far on the Love Hudson’s Hope site is Kristi Kares Handcrafted, which sells organic, all natural, hand crafted skin care products. Though there are many more amazing shops, services and places of interest listed.

“Small Town Love is a movement that needs to be in every small town. It’s not just artistic flair that makes our local businesses look big-city while still keeping our own originality – it’s bigger than that. Small Town Love builds social responsibility, educates and gives our town a reason to strive for excellence. It’s empowering our local economy to see our true sustainability through co-operation.” – Evelyn Towgood, Quesnel, a Love Quesnel small business owner

Small Town Love was founded by Amy Quarry of Quesnel, who believes in supporting and celebrating small, locally owned, independent businesses. She believes in connecting people with independent shops and services and giving the businesses the tools they need to succeed. As many small businesses don’t have an online or marketing presence, Small Town Love hosts the business on their community webpage and even sets the business up with free professional photographer for a session, so they can showcase who they are and what they are selling.

I really look forward to seeing the Love Taylor BC page up and running and finding out all about the small shops I didn’t know existed. As well, the next time I am in Hudson’s Hope I will be taking a tour of the Small Town Love shops there, hopefully more will join the movement and I will have even more to explore. I hope that Fort St. John joins next as I believe there are many small businesses I would love to get to know better!

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