Back to school on the Big Yellow School Bus!

Back to SchoolSo, it is that time of year…days are becoming shorter, the weather is getting crisper in the mornings, and schools are reopening. When I was little I remember the joy I felt around this time of year. I couldn’t wait to get back into school to share my summer adventure stories with my friends, but as I grew older the dreaded date of the first day of school came to quickly and I couldn’t get out fast enough to once again enjoy the freedom of summer. Now with my university schooling over…well at least for now, I always envisioned myself with an PhD so I could use “Dr” in my name, though mainly for the fun of saying, “Hello, I am Dr. Bancroft, nice to meet you” not because I really want to be a academic or researcher, so in reality…it is for all the wrong reasons. So, for now I am once again enjoying the autumn season, the energetic atmosphere of kids going back to school, and the big yellow school buses back on the roads.

Autumn is the season that drivers need to start taking extra care on the roads around schools, neighbourhoods and the big yellow school buses. As the big sign heading into Taylor says, “If you don’t like speeding tickets, raise your right foot”, though I think the biggest battle these days is remembering that if you are on your mobile while driving you are not paying attention.

So, speaking of big yellow school buses, over the summer my husband and I went to Canola Fest (a few blogs back) and he got to ride in a big yellow school bus from the campground to the festival. He got so excited as he had only seen these buses in American movies, in Australia students take local public transit. Some private schools have private buses, but they are the same as the local transit buses, but here in Fort St. John students ride the yellow school buse. So, he finally got to experience riding in the big yellow school bus. Pre School

Fort St. John is an interesting place to live in, with an median age of 30.6 and over 600 babies being born each year (the highest birth rate per capita in the country), there is no doubt an high need for activities, sports, and entertainment. I have never lived in a community that is so driven by young adults and young families, that push the economy and get things done, very quickly. I have also never lived in a community that says the economy is a little slower right now, but a whole street of new houses goes up over a couple months. While School Districts across BC are struggling with conversations on which schools to close due to low enrolments, School District 60 has already identified two new sites for two new schools and additional sites are being considered to house all the new and future school comers. If only I could be a kid again to be able to make lots of new friends on the big yellow school bus!

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