Friday Night Summer Shopping

1 garage saleSo, what is there to do on a Friday night in Fort St. John besides going out for dinner, watching a movie or maybe seeing some friends…Friday night Garage Sales!

After work on Friday’s my sister and I rush home, grab the list of addresses and closing times we meticulously put together the night before (off the classified section of FSJ Now), so we can ensure we don’t waste time driving around from one end of town to another just to find out the sale has closed, as there are usually at least 20 garage sales on a Friday night and even more on Saturday and Sunday! By the time we get home and rush out we average about 3 hours of shopping time as most close by 8:30/9:00pm. So, we pile into my empty car with change weighting down our wallets and our bargaining skills ready to go. I am usually the driver and she is my navigator, as if any of you know me I am terrible in giving directions…north is up and west is down and who said anything about east and south…

So, together we have sister bonding time shifting through what some would say is, “the other man’s junk”, but we find treasures! Well…until we both see something we like and then we have to rock, paper, scissor for it. It has been a great way to get to know Fort St. John and the surrounds, an awesome activity for a Friday night and a great way for me to find cheap and useful items that I need for my new house (we didn’t move here with much from Australia).

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