24 Hours of Light – Need to sleep

The first summer I introduced my husband to Canada was in 2008. I drove him through the lower mainland to the Cariboo, then the Rockies and back through the Okanagan region. He loved the nature, the beauty of the varying landscapes and the thought of one day leaving the metropolitan, high-rise, condensed space of the city to a more remote area in Canada. He was surprised how much daylight there was in the summer and how much longer you could stay outdoors because of it, upon returning home to Sydney he began telling family and friends that one day he will live in Canada. Well, his wish came true and just over 6 years later he is a proud Canadian permanent resident experiencing an Northern Canadian lifestyle.

Regular Blinds

When we first moved up to the Peace Region we were debating if we should live in the City of Fort St. John or if we should find a house in one of the rural areas surrounding the city. Then a house three doors down from my sister went on sale, we took it as a sign…and bought the place! So, now we live in the North Peace of the Peace River Regional District. We have to haul water and get out septic pumped, but we have acreage and a more relaxed lifestyle then what we are used too (more on the water hauling and septic pumping here).

Blackout Blinds

So, reverting back to the original reason for this post. We moved to the North Peace in June. We were warned to get blackout blinds when we moved into our new house…boy we should have listened! What we didn’t realize is the sun hardly sets and there is almost 24 hours of daylight…well there is 24 hours of light as the slightly setting sun quickly becomes the slightly rising sun and there is hardly a star in the sky. On the longest day of the year, June 20, the sun started to rise at 4:14am and then it slowly started setting at 9:55pm, like I said by the time it almost set it was rising! At first all this light was great as we were unpacking and cleaning and we would look over and it would be 12am and there would still be light and we would continue for a bit longer…this behaviour was cut short very quickly as we became more and more tired. Our body clocks could not adjust to wanting to go to bed at our usual 10:30pm bedtime as the light was throwing us off and our brains felt like they should still be up. The problem was if we listened to our brains there would be no bedtime. We got regular blinds….those helped a bit, but light would still seep through. At least we were sleeping…a bit. June and July came and went and we decided to get black out blinds for next year. August started to slowly grow darker at night and we came to the realization that the opposite will most likely happen in the winter time. I have been told the sun starts to rise at 9:34am and starts to set by 4:28pm…that’s over a 10 hour sunlight difference compared to the summer months!  We need to get more lamps and lights as we may be in for a few dark months…

Interesting Fact: You can check out the sunrise and sunset times for Fort St. John here.

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