Fun at the North Peace Fall Fair

North Peace Fall FairJust 21 kilometres north of the City of Fort St. John the North Peace Fall Fair kicked off on Friday 14 August with event entries, dance lessons and live music. Saturday was a day filled with horse, sheep, dog, cattle, tractor shows and exhibition booth judging and ended with the annual amateur talent show and family dance. Sunday morning was filled with a delicious pancake breakfast more horse, classic car and cattle shows, but the best was about to begin! The tractor pull.

Tractor Pull
Tractor Pull

I have never seen so many old tractors in varying brands, colours and sizes. I have also never heard of a tractor pull competition, but it was very popular as the stands were full and the crowd was growing.I could see the pride on the faces of the drivers as they tried to pull the heavy load and prove their tractor was the best. At times I felt bad for the drivers that couldn’t get their tractor to pull as the load was too heavy. I knew they had put a lot of time and energy into their tractor to keep it maintained and running…I guess there is always next year!

North Peace Fall FairFrom the tractors I found my way to the livestock. There were some amazing Clydesdale horses that towered over everyone. The cattle were something to look at too…I am only used to seeing the standard black and white or brown cows, but there were several different varieties of cattle. Next I found the small animal cages that contained different chickens, geese, sheep, goats, rabbits and even some kittens! Which I wanted to take home with me of course!

Kids Artwork
Handmade Artwork

As I continued to wonder through, I passed by the log sawing and spike driving contest and the classic car display, North Peace Fall Fair before I found the exhibition booths that were full of homemade products from quits, preserves, flowers, baked goods, vegetables and photos many with a colourful display of ribbons from the Saturday judging…I wish I could have bought some jams and pies though…they looked DELICIOUS! There was even an exhibition of Lego buildings, drawings and handmade art pieces by children.

Waffle Stand
Waffle Dogs @ the Waffle Stand with my Sis

After wandering around I built up an appetite (was contemplating on snatching one of the delicious looking homemade pies in the exhibition), but I found the food vendors outside. They all looked pretty tasty…in the end I settled for a waffle dog and some fresh popcorn. Making my way back to the car I could not resist and I bought myself an old oil lantern from a gentlemen selling lamps and antiques. I wish I had more money and a horse as he was selling old, beautiful horse carriages!


I guess at this time I will settle for just the lantern, though I am thinking that next year I might try out the camping option and stay the whole weekend to enjoy all of the different events and see more of the North Pine area…possibly enter some of my photos into the Photo Competition!

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