Deer vs. Kangaroos – which would you rather see in your city?

Fort St John DeerI always imagined deer to be the Northern cousins of the kangaroo. They both can jump very high, both have similar faces and ears…maybe a little different in body stature but, both are essentially herbivorous, both are hunted for their meat and unfortunately they are as intelligent as each other when it comes to standing on the road watching headlights speeding towards them…

The only reason for this post was a realization that what I thought and knew of wildlife and cities previously was and is no longer what I think now. When I first moved to Australia my friends and family always asked me if kangaroos hopped around the city neighbourhoods, ate grass in backyards and boxed in the streets. I would laugh and ask them do you see deer in Canada displaying this behaviour in your city? The answer would always be, well maybe in rural towns, but not normally. I would say, yep same here, no kangaroos hoping around the City of Sydney, as many tourists would like to believe, but probably in rural towns, though I haven’t experienced that before.

KangarooWell, until last week everything I knew about deer came crashing down as I witnessed two bucks strolling the City of Fort St. John streets (a city population of over 21,000 residents), eating grass and flowers from neighbourhoods and citizens causally slowing down to give them the right of way, so they could cross the street to a tastier display of planter pots containing colourful flowers. Talking to my sister that evening she added she had a moose and baby in her yard last autumn, relaxing on her lawn. So, I guess this overrides the question and yes you can find deer and probably kangaroos in cities. I guess the question that needs to be asked is would you rather see deer or kangaroos in the streets of your city?

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