Caution Wildlife – Drive with Care

It is that time of year again when the daylight hours are slowly growing shorter and the wildlife is roaming nearer to residences and roads. In all of my years of driving, I have been lucky not to collide with any wildlife…there were many occasions growing up in the Cariboo, central British Columbia (yes that is the correct spelling of the area) and … More Caution Wildlife – Drive with Care

Meteor Shower

Did you stay up last night to watch the Perseid meteor show? I did, it was amazing, but I am paying for it this morning at work. Two espresso shots later and I still feel like I want to curl up in bed for a few more hours. The Peace Region is an excellent area in British … More Meteor Shower

Struck Gold!

The District of Taylor held the 44th Annual Worlds Invitational Gold Panning Championships July 29-31st at Peace Island Park. The event took place at the Rocky Mountain Fort  which was established in 1794 as a trading post for the Beaver and Sikanni First Nations and as a supply depot to further expeditions. If you are  driving … More Struck Gold!

Dinosaur Trackway at Williston Reservoir

The organization I work for, NPEDC, was a partner host of the unveiling of the Williston Reservoir dinosaur trackway event that happened last Friday July 8, so I got to assist with the event coordination. It’s a tough job getting everyone registered and informed for the day especially with over 100 attendees from different organizations from across Canada! We … More Dinosaur Trackway at Williston Reservoir

Gone Fishing!

My husband and I like exploring and on Sunday we decided to take a drive up the Alaska Highway. He wanted to show me his current work site and I wanted to see what the area looked like. It has been a year since we moved to the North Peace region and the furthest North I have gone on the … More Gone Fishing!